HILLARY GOES OFF: Clinton Questions TRUMP’S LOYALTY to the United States | Sean Hannity

Twice-failed presidential candidate Hillary Clinton lashed-out at President Trump over the weekend as he prepared for his high-stakes meeting with Vladimir Putin; shamelessly questioning the Commander-in-Chief’s loyalty to the United States.

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Hit the “reset” button hillary.

She takes sore-loserism to levels unheard of.


Just think. We came that close having this crazy bitch become president. I am relieved every day. It was like me watching the moon landing again.

I wonder if Hillary would have blamed the United States for bad relations with Russia like Trump did?

This OLD SEAHAG knows something about being disloyal… #UraniumOne #ClintonFoundation #benghazi #hati the list is a mockery of shameful disgrace. PLEASE run AGAIN in 2020. The toilet paper that bears your image (available on the world’s largest online retailer), is befitting of you. LOLoser.

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SHE plays for team #clintonfoundation. How dare this woman disrespect our president.

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