Hillary "Don't Tempt Me"

no one talks about the weather?

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should we avoid talking about whats in the news?

Talk about what you want.

Just own it instead of saying “Dammit, Hillary being in the news again MADE us have to talk about her”.

That’s just silly.

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Like that old S. Palin thingee?

I should start a thread on it.

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Maybe 50.

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No I watched the young Turks having a meltdown and then flipped to see madcow shedding tears.

Thanks. Something to do when I retire.

ok so another big 0 there good work

I’d like to see this video. Please share.

I look forward to the end of Servergate, uranium onegate, fisagate, investigating the investigatorsgate.

its easy to google. it has been broadcasted.

Got a date now for that?

I googled that and got nuthin’.
I would appreciate a link so I can view it and provide a discussion.


Actually they don’t.

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Nah. The weather is in the news every single day. Hillary is not.

Hillary is only living rent free in some trump supporter heads every single day.

Hey, she’s on social media again. Outrage time!

And her latest tweet. …

How dare she encourage people to read? Is that an implicit put down of D Trump who appears not to be capable of reading anything?

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