Hey! Over Here! There's a Democratic Debate Tonight

With all the impeachment inquiry hearings, the Democratic Debate has taken a back seat.

10 candidates. One goal, to be the nominee for the Democrats for 2020 election against Donald J. Trump (maybe).

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Still not convinced the DNC won’t find a way to screw itself.

Most of the candidates are boring me right now.

Run Schiff.


As long as you Gym Jordan in 2024.

The guy who destroyed you impeachment star witness? Done deal.

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Most of them look nervous and uncomfortable. Harris is actually shaking when she speaks, Warren speaks way too fast and Biden can’t speak at all.

Buttigieg seems the most in control followed by Booker.

Please clap

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8 responses. Sad. No wonder liberals are pouring everything into impeachment. It’s their only saving grace.


I sat through this debate and yes I would run on impeachment as there is no one remotely near Obama running this time with his charisma and the man could get people pumped up, hell he convinced me to vote for him in 2008 but not 2012.

Even Hillary had more charisma than this bunch or at the very least had a certain thing about her that got people motivated. Biden looks like he doesn’t even realize he is at a debate. It’s sad I was waiting for him to say “Where am at? Is this the line at the buffet”. It looks like the GOP might dodge another bullet by pitting another dud against the clown in Chief.

Same guy who turned a blind eye while athletes were being sexually assaulted at Ohio State.

So yes, same guy.

Don’t dismiss Tulsi.

She is the only one running that can think for herself.


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I do wish Gym would have yelled as loud about the abuse he was told about as he did yesterday.

The weren’t assaulted.

I’m sorry, but conservatives having ANY standing to criticize people for not thinking for themselves flew out the window a loooooong time ago.

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Anyway, good to see another “upstanding” Congressman ignoring complaints.
Maybe he can run on ignoring problems. He has experience in that.

Fauxcohontas’ answer to a border wall question: “to absolutely use taxpayers dollars to tear down this useless border wall being built over a (wait for it) manufactured crisis.”

Who are you talking about?

Sexual misconduct and sexual assault are two different things. That’s why they have different names.

I didn’t disagree with your correction.

Good ol’ Gym ignoring complaints. Turning the blind eye. Solid citizen.