Hey lefties. More evidence that your people are lunatics

A fascist mob trying to intimidate and threaten people for the crime of attending a convention speech? Good Lord. Sorry, but we are not intimidated. We will not be cancelled, we will not be shut down. You anti American nuts are in for a major ass whippin if you continue to harass and threaten innocent people.


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Eh, they still like him more than his own neighbors soooo


The history of the left is tyranny, violence and poverty. See the 20th century!

Also an inability to learn from history.

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That’s not the history of the left… thats the history of humanity.


Speaking of gross. I saw an image of your wounded maniac in Wisconsin. Everything from his mid bicep down to just below his elbow was removed from his arm. Gone. Poor guy. He’s gonna need to learn how to aim is laser or throw a brick with his left hand now. Maybe you should sent him flowers? :grin:

Hey Cratic, how you been ? Long time. Trump is cool.

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I really enjoyed the car alarms and air horn fail during Trump’s speech.

Instead of distracting and drowning out his speech they were just loud enough for him to talk over and sound like a raucous NFL backdrop.

Clearly they energized Trump and the delivery.

Tiny compared to the 10’s of millions killed by leftist in gulags and work camps, and billions enslaved by leftist last century and this one too.

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Like what?

Fun fact: if you are putting people in gulags and work camps you are no longer leftist.

Oh, is that how the left gets out of it’s history, lol!


Pretty much all civil right movements are left-wing. The GOP at the time of the Civil War was left-wing.

Sorry classic liberals like the type the fought the civil war and say all people are created equal are no longer on the left. Now you are judged by skin tones…

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Its stupid to place blame on arbitrary distinctions instead of on actual groups. A reasonable person understands that groups can have both left and right wing aspects.

Frankly anyone who thinks Trump or Biden winning is a sure thing is delusional. Too close to call and too many factors to consider.


Communism is leftist. Biggest mass murderers and enslavers in history.
Look how irrational and violent the current Marxist movement in the US has become.

Look at China’s gulugs and expansionism. Venezuela, an Cuba’s absolute tyranny…

Small thinking. Communism is left-wing. Authoritarian things like suppression of rights, gulags, etc. are right-wing. China, USSR, Cuba, etc, took a left-wing economic idea and attempted to implement it with right-wing tactics.

Avatar bet?

Why would I bet on something I feel is 50/50?