He's still an idiot

Except over a few topics, I show no outrage towards Trump nor do I partake in the Russian conspiracy theory. Trump is still a buffoonish, uncouth, and pompous jagoff who just reminded me of Saparmurat Niyazov (first head of state of Turkmenistan). To wit, an advertisement on this website:
Straws. ■■■■■■■ straws. Is this some kind of merchandising ploy? Cheap like the first Chinese knockoffs of the iPhone.


And the people who think he was sent by God have swindled themselves.

Q is watching.

Trolls libs, energizes the base, makes the Chosen One a profit. What’s not to love?

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The alien from Star Trek?

I bought one of those portable metal straws years ago never looked back.

The tackiness and the cheap feel of brittle plastic.

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Ah! I just thought of another reason why it’s so irritating. It’s like those annoying stands setup at amusement parks to sell you trinkets and that stupid kiosk at the mall that sells $10 Samsung Galaxy Gear knockoffs for $75.

Its clear that Trump sucks. He sucks real good.


Congratulations if you avoided hearing about the Q stuff.

But google QAnon if you want to lose a few braincells.

Ok, thats it, this is the last straw!


Remember when?
https://peacemonger.org › CS26…
CS262 - Safety Pin Hearts Protest Mini Sticker Pack 4 - Peacemonger

Yeah, these straws probably really suck.

Then you better open your eyes this time around because it’s 24/7/365 on every MSM outlet for anything and everything, including 2 scoops of ice cream. Starting your OP with a foolish statement like this, is not historically how you operate. Try again.

Trolling. He’s king of the trolls.

Hmm. Looks like we need a straw poll on this


Rush says you can kill yourself with one of those.

Buy Trump straws!

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The liberal POV is that they aren’t straws, they’re “Trump sucks”. :sunglasses:

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libs are literally grasping at straws now.



Let the pun wars commence!