Herschel Walker for Georgia senate seat

Just curious. Where did you gain your knowledge of Georgia?

Lol. Yes.


What happened to the lib mantra; believe all women? Oh yeah…lemme guess…this is different?

Nahhhh…you do just fine on your own. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Come on…maaaaan (Joe style). That’s different. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

Lol. Allegations from an ex wife.

I need some facts in that case.


No you don’t.

Lol. Allegations from a woman from over 3 decades ago that others there at the time…denied ever happening and yet…you believed her but this is different…amirite?

An ex wife has a grudge. Someone from 30 years ago does not.


…it’s libdifferent.

Nope we will disagree on this subject.


If someone ran over your foot with a car, wouldn’t there be some injury to said foot.

Medical personnel examined her and said no visible injury.


i could not find it

Ex wife was issued a protective order against Walker

Yeah and Warnock’s ex wife said he ran over her foot :man_shrugging:

Walker has already admitted he had violent tendencies in the past.

Well documented.

Warnock no violent tendencies, just an ex wife allegation.


For me, the Russian roulette info are just as bad as his history of domestic violence. And he admits to playing RR.

MTG, Boebert, Cawthorn, Gosar- why are repubs hellbent on sending the lowest types of people to Congress?

There’s plenty of dolts in DC, including the our current president. Looks like he’ll fit right in.

Oh please, and you think Schiff, Omar, AOC, Nadler, Bush, Pelosi, etc., are something special?

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No comparison to your Q people.