HEROES RETURN: Kim Returns Remains of 55 US Soldiers Killed in Korean War

Originally published at: HEROES RETURN: Kim Returns Remains of 55 US Soldiers Killed in Korean War | Sean Hannity

Kim Jong Un made good on a personal promise to President Trump Friday, returning the remains of at least 55 US soldiers killed in the Korean War and further signaling his willingness to cooperate with the White House.

The heroes’ homecoming was praised by President Trump on social media within hours of their arrival in South Korea as they headed towards the United States, saying “The Remains of American Servicemen will soon be leaving North Korea and heading to the United States! After so many years, this will be a great moment for so many families. Thank you to Kim Jong Un.”


Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis also praised the Hermit Kingdom’s decision to return the remains, saying it’s possible for an American military delegation to visit North Korea in the coming months to help locate more deceased service members.

Finally…a real step.

We’ll see how quickly it’s followed by another.

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A very small price to pay in return for having Trump move Kim up from the kid’s table to the adult’s “world power” table.

He still has his nukes.

Plus he and North Korea have a much bigger position in the world.

I still curse Harry Truman for NEEDLESSLY getting America involved in the Korean war where so many of our soldiers NEEDLESSLY died and where so many of there remains were left behind, essentially abandoned, for nearly 7 decades.

Instead of gloating and patting himself on the back Donald Trump needs to view each set of remains as a huge object lesson in the futility of waging war where our nation need not be.