Here's what the Dems should do about border security

Money for repairs/improvements

Money for more wall where needed

Money for technology to monitor crossings

More judges

More border employees

And of course data/feedback about what works/doesn’t with the ability to tweak and change.

Now, eVerify with strict laws punishing employers would stop all this stuff but I can’t see that passing the House and Senate and Trump won’t sign it


I think that any immigration legislation should carry harsh penalties for employers who knowingly hire illegal immigrants as the centerpiece.

But yeah… it’s not going to happen.

The Heartland can’t live without cheap immigrant labor.

Dem offer 6 billion in border security funding, with the condition that none of it be spent on a wall.

Republican rejected it.

I agree.

Maybe the House should do its job, and hold hearings on proposed border legislation. Republicans didn’t do it, I’m sure because hearings would have exposed The Wall as a laughably bad idea for a variety of reasons, including exposing its high cost and low cost/effectiveness ration. Not to mention the eminent domain hurdles, high environmental impacts, etc…

Republican-led House had two years to do its job, and didn’t even try. The Democratic House should take at least a few months to do this the right way.

That will never happen with Pelosi in charge of the House.

Pelosi offered Trump 6 billion dollar in border security funding, he refused it because it wanted a wall.

The GOP thrives on cheap illegal immigrant labor. They don’t want to secure the border. There’s a reason they are so obsessed with the wall. It’s a symbol not a solution.

Pelosi is full of it. She has no intention of enhancing border security thus her offer to build a virtual wall that as was pointed out in previous admins did jack and ■■■■ for security of the border.

Yep, all those dems and liberals mow their own lawns and build their own houses.

Never take advantage of that cheap labor.

Pull the other finger.

No thanks. Already heard your post.

I can get behind that 100%

So you are going with the whole it’s only the GOP that likes them some cheap labor nonsense?

Just wanting to clear up your opinion on this.

That is the ironic truth of it.

I hope Donald’s bluff is called and he gets a bill that will address companies just like the ones he owns hiring illegal immigrants.

He will shut it down real quick. He doesn’t actually care about border security. He just cares that his base cares.

I didn’t realize you were conceding that republicans don’t mow their own lawns either. Somehow it just sounds worse when dems don’t mow their own lawns, like it’s hypocritical to their claims on border security.

Yes. Sounds good.
They won’t do it. They don’t care.

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Which proves that this is just political games for the Democrats. What purpose would they have in stating that none of it would be spent on border barriers? If they had said that not over a certain percent would be spent on a wall and then only with the approval of some group of experts who would document its validity there, I might have thought they were serious.

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I thought it was well known that both sides engage in the hiring of illegals and that it is wrong and just aids and abets the problem.

Seems some on here seem to think it’s only one side.

I dont believe I’ve seen anyone here claim that. What I have seen many times is the hypocritical nonsense of droaning on and on about how awful these illegals are by many on the right while at the same time rarely acknowledging that they love hiring illegals just as much as the other side. So it’s really a situation of who is telling the loudest.

The inference was there.