Here They Come...Again

You will put your face diaper on, turn in your weapons of war and bbq for 5-7 vaccinated friends on July 4th.

And you’ll do it with the proper level of appreciation for your government.

You misspelled “contempt”. FYI.


Statement by Oathkeepers

Choose Your Ground - Now is not the time… - Oath Keepers

How stupid is this dumb ass?

The first legislation opens the door for anyone to take legal action against a gun manufacturer using the argument that the product creates a “public nuisance,” according to the governor’s office. Products made by gun manufacturers can be considered public nuisances “even if the gun manufacturer did not purposely cause harm to the public,” the press release states.

Oh, and wasn’t he cash-strapped?

The executive order will also put $138.7 million toward prevention, intervention and employment programs for at-risk youth, including a $57 million investment toward creating 21,000 jobs for youth over the summer through local, city and state agencies.

I wonder if he will create color flag depending on gun violence risk like they do for fire hazards?

He called gun violence a “public health emergency”.


I saw the NY Chief of Police on the news talking about the number of “illegal guns” on the streets without one comment regarding the number of criminals in his city who are shooting people (mostly other criminals.)

Methinks this is just Cuomo “wagging the dog” to distract attention from his sexual harassment woes and deplorable handling of COVID.

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It’s not stupid at all. It’s certainly performative and meaningless.

It is extremely stupid.

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This Karen doesn’t have enough to do?


Horse ■■■■


I totally disagree

I totally agree.

Mix in a little bull ■■■■ and you will get another liberal narrative.

Most any pool of rancid piggy poo could be said to resemble some progressive narrative in one way or another.

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Over the years I have occasionally heard about ATF notifying people who routinely sell used guns (people who buy and trade to amass inventory) at gun shows that they need to get a dealer’s license if they want to continue selling in volume, but I have never heard of them raiding someone as the first contact. New orders from the top?

ATF is bigger threat then some Amish guy selling few long guns.