Here They Come...Again

Shelia Jackson Lee is no Texan.

But, but, we’ve been promised this was not going to happen.


Remember Obamma & Chairman Biden promised “We aren’t coming after your guns!”


They really do want a war don’t they?

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Oh no, they want UNITY!!! remember?

I think someone needs to explain how pouring gasoline on the fire isn’t the way to make that happen


I honestly think they do want it.

Always watch actions over listening to words.


I bet you she eats salsa made in New York City.


Which? War or unity?

War. It’s what all their actions point to.

They just blabber about unity so they can act shocked and indignant like they did on the 6th.


Gotcha. Just wanted to make sure I understood correctly.

I agree.

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That’s just because they are stupid. They are playing a poor game of checkers and the game is chess.


When choosing between “stupidity” and “design” in this case I’ll go with design.

Consider it a probing attack in military terms.

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With the 9 vote majority they have in the House, I seriously doubt this will pass. There are quite a few moderate Dems who fear for their job in two years hence, should they join with the radical left on something so dear to their constituents.

I wouldn’t count on it. Radicals are running the show and they’ve shown in the past they are not at all beyond purging the party in order to get what they want.


It only takes 5 Dems to jump ship. There are a few pro gun Dems in the Senate too.

And what price will they pay for doing so?

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That is a double edged sword.

Don’t forget what they have done to long time allies and party loyalists like Joe Lieberman in the past.

Most likely, those moderates who would likely lose election if they move left will beg Nancy to bury it so they are not faced with that choice. She can’t afford to lose any more soldiers.

I’m sure they will try but there aren’t really any “moderates” left in the party, certainly not by the standards that existed either time Obama ran for office.