Here is why the dems hold the edge in the house midterms

“The recently passed tax reform bill may be the Trump presidency’s biggest legislative accomplishment to date, but it doesn’t play well in a district where the SALT cap is likely to hit hard,” said Murray.

Rich people dont like higher taxes. LOL

and the high tax states is where the dems have an edge.


Noitce it’s a SLIGHT edge.

Meaning the Dems could still ■■■■ this up.

And if they make a hard turn to the left, they will ■■■■ this up.

Because it’s all in how the stories are told.

Most Americans didn’t likemto hear stories about families being separated at the border, and that hurt Trump.

But overall, Americans favor stronger control at the borders, and so if the Dems overreach with the “abolish ICE” idea, that’s very likely to backfire.

Trump may not be well-liked…that doesn’t mean America has a stomach for a lurch to the left.

This district used to be dead red

Here are the Election results from 5 presidential races from the district
Year Office Results
2016 President Trump 49 - 48%
2012 President Romney 52 - 47%
2008 President McCain 54 - 45%
2004 President Bush 58 - 42%
2000 President Bush 54 - 43%

The district has changed from a +16R to a +1R in 14 years.

This is the district I use to live in from 1991-2010. (I was redistricted to NJ-07)

Both parties are putting up attractive candidates.

Lots of illegals in this district.

I call this district as Lean Democratic.


What no Blue wave? ?ust perhaps they might take the house? Immigration is the biggest issue right now. But, if dems want to run on raising taxes, please do it loudly…

What achievements are incumbent Republican Congressmen going to run on? It’s not going to be the tax bill. The vast majority of people didn’t even notice.

Moving to the left economically, I think is a good message. A lot of people that voted for Trump would support that. Trump basically ran on a populist economic message, similar to Sanders…then went hard right and rewarded the wealthy and corps, while giving significantly lower benefits to the middle and lower middle class.

I concur with with ICE argument. It is a screwed up agency that is relatively new…but abolishing it is not the answer. Maybe reform?

When progressives/democrats run as progressives, they generally win, sometimes even in Red areas. When they run as Republican Lite, they generally lose to the Republican.

They also need to run what they stand for, and not just run an anti-Trump campaign. It needs to be mentioned, but do not make that the key message.

Getting the vote out is also key. Every 25-50 age person I see, that complains…and I ask them if they voted, and they say no…I let them know, THAT is the problem. Millennials outnumber the 50+ demographic. They just need to vote!

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I hope that’s what all dems are pretending. And we want open borders too…

Can you remind me what accomplishments the Republican Congressmen are going to be running on?

And they will.

I hate to see you guys put yourselves through this again.

The high tax states are where dems have an edge. Thats because they have leftist gpvernments and more voters there are left rather than right.

But some flee the high tax states and bring their liberalism with them

LOL, Immigration? you think immigration is the number one issue in NJ-11? Its the trump tax raise.that is the number one issue. YOu have no sense what is taking place on the ground in NJ-11


top 3 issues (from his website) for Jay Webber (r) are Jobs, economic Prosperity, and Tax Relief. (number 4 is immigration)

top 3 issues (from her website) for Mikie Sherrill (d) are Jobs, Tax reform and the environment (number 4 is womans rights)


Yeah…I know…and Hillary is going to be POTUS. I’ll wager a pizza Dems lose more seats than they gain? :sunglasses:

Despite Clinton losing, Dems gained seats in the House and Senate.

Trump isn’t on the ballot.

How bout a bet on this race?

It’s been held by the r,s since 1985.

Times they is a changin in Jersey.

Btw mikie Sherrill is no Hillary Clinton.


They will gain again in the House.



Delusional. Its 2016 cognitive dissonance 2.0

So…you’re a player or just flapping?

How about a we bet on everything? It’ll be fun? Just one, little pizza…you in?