Here is something worth lambasting Trump over (concerning international trade)

I didn’t remember…thanks. I would like to think I would do the same if a Democrat was as hideous as this man.

Why do you hate America?

No offense but I hope Trump slaps 30 percent tariffs on your products.

When you have companies skirting our laws and regulations to undermine existing American business I have no sympathy for your company.

They can either stay in China permanently…or move. Either way I don’t care.


The clown never stops lying.

My head hurts listening to this idiot. He just doesn’t care.

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If the US is in a trade war with China, as Commander in Chief, the President is well within his authority to tell traders what they should do to help the US win this trade war.

Patriots will be willing to sacrifice personal gains for the survival of the US economy. Globalist won’t care whether China runs the US under a communist manifesto, or Americans continue to run the US under the Constitution, as long as those Globalists are in ultimate control of China.

Patriots can tell the President to go ■■■■ himself.


Nope. He does not have the authority.

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Of course not. He’s not your president ?

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What an unbelievably reckless and irresponsible thing to want. We can’t run the world on spite.

He wants to declare a national emergency and claim dictatorial powers. Insane.

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We “get it”. You rather support business that skirt our environmental laws and regulation, avoid paying decent wages and health benefit that you libs like to preach about and prop up a dictatorial communist goverment.

That’s how radical libs have become.

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I missed where a National Emergency was declared. I also missed the part where Congress could not immediately nullify and void said “emergency” with extreme prejudice. Feel free to point them out though.

Yeah, this is about the environment. Rrrrrriiiiiggggggghhhhhttttttttttt.


Perhaps someone might be able to explain how or why Trump products’ country of origin were China.

Surely not anymore since he’s commanded everyone else to stop conducting business there.

Because decades of “free trade” have made it so the only place competitive that goods can be produced is the third world countries.


Who needs to compete? Everyone should simply play by the new rules and promptly declare bankruptcy like Dumpster fire Donny, the 11th dimensional master negotiator who clearly has China by the balls. That will solve everything. MAGA.


Quote “paying decent wages”. Exactly what is the minimum hourly rate in the USA. Are you able to say whether that is a higher hourly rate that the hourly rate in Australia?