Here is something worth lambasting Trump over (concerning international trade)

I don’t care for President Trump, but I have generally refrained from gratuitous or trivial attacks on the man.

Here is something worth an outright lambasting of President Trump.

Specifically his “order” for American businesses to “leave” China. Obviously he has no authority to literally order American businesses out of China, but still the statement stinks.

I work for one of the largest privately held corporations in the world, which does a huge amount of business in China.

On behalf of myself, my employer and all other similarly situated companies, we will reply to your order with the following statement:

Get ******!!!

I will say it in those words. My company will soon say it in more polite language that implies the same sentiment. Other companies will say similar things.

**** your trade war.

**** your protectionism.

**** this order.

I try not to engage in hyperbole for the most part.

But I cannot in good faith oppose these trade and economic policies but in the strongest terms and with the strongest language.

I will return to my more measured and low key criticism of Trump, when he deserves such.


Donald has brought respect back to the White House!

Trump made Safiel curse… everyday a new bottom.


That part actually concerns me very little, I have always held the White House in low regard, regardless of occupant.

His policies are damaging private industry and the free market, which to me is unforgivable.

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What do you call it again, when the government controls the means of production?

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Spend a week with me, and you will learn a whole new vocabulary quickly. :smile:

I usually restrain myself on these boards.


(Killing auto link due to profane image in preview.)

Profanity is a sign of intelligence. :smile:


Not Trump’s particular sin, his sin is protectionism. Trump has not embarked on any communistic endeavors to this point, as least as far as I am aware.

The right’s gonna defend him literally giving orders like a king. That’s really where we’re at.


Not everybody. National Review is laying into him for these sort of things.

Donald doesn’t just defy political gravity, he defies low standards.

National Review is totally irrelevant to the right these days.

Even better, the bigwigs in your company regardless of what they do otherwise are going to suck up to Trump’s wishes if they have federal government business, definitely privately and probably publicly.

Bull ■■■■

Then I have an IQ of 275.

But seriously- I believe you are the sanest poster here…seriously.

If you go off like this…bad ■■■■ has just happened.

And I am pretty sure no one here can and with a straight face say you are pro-China.

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Because that’s the point of these kind of threats. It’s not just Trump shooting off at the lip.

Seems to me that “ordering” US corporations to get out of China is more than simple protectionism. I’m not sure if the lack of any authority to do that makes it better or worse.

Who cares? People who use the F word are happier, and THAT was shown in a scientific study!

That said, Trump has totalitarian wet dreams.

Then don’t vote him in 2020 and don’t give him half a vote by voting third party or not voting at all.

This scares me more than anything!

As you may remember, I voted for Clinton in 2016.

Praying that Biden wins the nomination, so that I can vote without having to do this afterwards:

brian pukes for 30 seconds - YouTube

(Killing preview due to inappropriate imagery.)

Link is Brian Griffin vomiting for 30 seconds. :smile: