Helps to have friends in high places

Hmmm…these companies could afford to pay the tenants bills on their own.

Ok. Can you afford to pay the bills for some of them? If you don’t have the cash on hand, perhaps you could take out a loan to pay their bills for them.

All well and good.

Do it.

I wish it was too.

A good old high school friend of mine is second in command to Bezos. Not thrilled with how working there has changed him.

Amazon has more money than God and a service that people love to use.

I am not quite sure why they feel the need to stiff their workers so badly.

That’s because you’re a freaking Commie.


Seriously I have the same issue. I’m actually more conservative than you in that I believe recently government’s attempts to rectify this has been in many cases misguided and screwed up.

But doing nothing but caving to corporate interests is also not in the best interests of preserving a representative Republic. And which for many reasons is responsible for the mess we are in right now.

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