Helps to have friends in high places

How about a thread on how multibillion dollar corporations will be helped out by the stimulus.

Landlords are “freezing” the payments for low-income folks trying to pay their mortgages.

I have no problem with that.

But, they’re doing it because the federal government is giving them money to do that, via the stimulus bill.

Okay, well and good, but there are some billion dollar corporations who own property all over various cities, who could afford to pay their tenants bills by themselves and not be a draw on the stimulus funds.

But, according to the language in the stimulus, even if those companies don’t need that help, they can get it anyway.

And guess who has tons of rental property and is going to benefit from that particular loophole in the stimulus package?

Couple of people Trump knows, as a matter of fact, but I guess I best not mention one of 'em.

The other is Jared Kushner

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Could you clarify whether that means that where a company is compensated for a freeze on rent or mortgage payments that those who rent or have a mortgage the amount that the company is paid will be reduced by equal amount?

What about Bill Gates? › …
Bill Gates and his coronavirus conflicts of interest - Washington Times


I will be certain to not vote for Bill Gates

Which position is Bill Gates running for?

I mean… I can get behind criticizing Bill Gates. He did give $100 million of his own money to combat Covid-19 but at his level of wealth that is like me giving $20 to the local girl scouts and then wanting everyone to fawn over me because of that.


I understand that someone donating $20 for a person on very limited income is significantly more than say a billionaire’s contribution. However, what is also relevant is the amount a billionaire has contributed relative to other billionaires as well.

Yeah… I get it. I have mixed feelings about billionaires and their money giving. They would never give money to anything that would alleviate one of the real problems, which is the gross income disparity that concentrates vast amounts of wealth at the top.

This is a pretty good book on that

Certainly as an example the owner of Amazon and his treatment of his employees from what I have read leaves a lot to be desired.

Yeah… I wish that Amazon was a better company.

We’ve decided to end our Prime membership over there treatment of employees during this crisis. Even though having products delivered now is nice. I don’t want someone to get sick so I can have my soap delivered in two days.

We’ve stopped shopping at Whole Foods. Wegmans seems to be treating people right.

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It is one reason amongst others that I believe that a country is far better off when trade unions are strong in that country.

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I agree. My industry can be really abusive because it is full of crazy people, I can only imagine how it would be without Union protections.

Probably would have many more incidents like this.

Nor will I vote for Jared Kushner


Not the same thing. Kushner is related to the President and has benefitted in several ways from the President’s actions during the last 3 months. Let’s not forget it was his software firm that was paid to create the coronavirus testing website. That’s he’s been a “shadow advisor” over and above what Pence was doing.

Did other presidents give cushy jobs to relatives, friends and former politicians? Sure. But Trump was supposed to “drain the swamp”…

But how about we get back to the OP, which was wealthy corporations - and massively wealthy individuals, though it wasn’t Gates I was referencing - who are benefitting from loopholes in the stimulus package designed to help those who need it, not those who don’t need it but intend to get in on the gravy train anyway.

He did drain the swamp, the swampiest part of it. Was that promise made to you?

And who decides who needs it and who doesn’t based on what criteria?

You are making the mistake that anything other than “owning the libs” is a concern.

Anything else that would cause howls with any different administration.

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Yes it would, just like it is with this administration. Just from different howlers.


Well, I’ve gotta admit, knowing people in high places relatively speaking is something I take advantage of whenever I can. I form relationships with them, schmooze them just a little, reach out to them even, on many occasions. It looks to be about to pay off beyond my wildest dreams in the near future too.

I find it hard to fault anyone for doing the same thing while trying to get ahead. That said, I have been extremely careful to be ethical about it. Even a single slip up could destroy my aspirations, as it should be perhaps.

About 38% of the workforce is employed by large corporations. Many more no doubt are dependent on them as clients.