Health care signups end Dec. 15

Just a reminder that Saturday, Dec. 15 is the last day to signup to enroll in Obamacare. This is an important for everyone, no matter what party you belong to. The place to sign up is Spread the word.


Donny promised us bigger, better, cheaper healthcare.

What happened?

I still can’t grasp the concept of healthcare insurance.

Donny promised us a lot of things. But Trumpheads say he’s doing an outstanding job!

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Fake news!! Dumpster Donnie told me he was going to implement a plan that covered everyone on day 1.


What is common sold as healthcare “insurance” is not insurance at all. It is not even CLOSE to being insurance.

It is a third party payer system masquerading as insurance.

A TRUE medical insurance policy would pay ZERO below a certain threshold and 100% above that threshold, per year.

Anybody who has the slightest concept of insurance should understand that what is being passed off as insurance is not insurance in any sense of the word.

The government, people and the companies themselves need to stop calling it insurance and call it what it is, a third party payer plan.

That’s what you think he said. It just needs to be run through an interpreter. :slight_smile:

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It didn’t use to be so expensive, now its ridiculous and everyone wants to point to the other side but there is plenty of blame to go around. What the U.S. has now is a first rate healthcare system mired in government in bed with the insurers. So there are some people who do not have employer insurance paying between $500-$1000 a month plus medical costs when they have to visit the Dr. or God forbid go to the hospital at that point you better hope you have a low maximum out of pocket or your really hurting.

I cannot understand how people can defend Obamacare, when the rates are so high. I have np calling George Bush Jr an idiot for passing Medicare D.

You need some serious prince control in the U.S, a paper cup shouldn’t cost 30$

What do yo think they would be paying without Obamacare?

They would deny people health insurance just because they missed the deadline?.. What if forgetfulness is a preexisting condition… ? So mean and unfair…

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So it’s better to take them away purposely as Republicans have been scheming to do. Gotcha.

Dats cuz he is. And you seem to be madasheck about it.

Robert Mueller (and a lot of others) don’t think so. Amirite? :slight_smile:

You are wrong. They are independent investigators who are only interested in the truth. They would not dare let their personal feeling toward the President interfere in any decision making. Because that would be unethical. Amirite? :smirk:

Never! I will never comply with this lawlessness.