Head on a Pike Takeaway Moment

It looks like the over acting of Adam Schiff hit a major nerve with everyone.

I have likened his performance to one perhaps channeling the acting spirit of John Wilkes Booth and now Schiff appears to have made a serious error.

Feedback from Senators has been quite negative and justly so. They KNOW this was a lie. Schiff qualifying the statement by admitting it MIGHT not be true won’t cut it.

I look forward to the rhetorical blowback coming their way and the change in the discourse we are about to see.

One final note…Head on a Pike…Something rhetorical I could see Speaker Pelosi using much more so than any R caucus leader.



Someone is getting some bad information.

Probably just more media people making stuff up and hoping to talk it into reality.

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I’m glad this portion is in the rear view mirror. I bet something will happen during the right’s time on the floor. I hope the Senate group continues to behave (relatively speaking)…and that no staged mass walk outs by the Dems or some other drama occurs. If they can all listen without interrupting for three days to the other side I’ll be impressed.

The head on a spike comment was asinine IMO. I’m sure Senate members will give his lies all the attention it deserves.


Watching the Presidents legal team is encouraging.

They appear to have the proper balance of fact and tone.


The rhetoric is over the top to be sure, but in essence, he is correct.

He was correct about nothing.


Senators who break with the president will pay a price.

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It is hilarious that Trump acolytes are appalled by comments from other politicians.


Only if you think Schiff meant it literally, which, of course, is ridiculous.

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With their rhetorical head on a pike?

You fluent in election prognostication?

The voters will decide and you might not like what the reveal.


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Good comics need to be able to read a room.

Schiff isn’t a very good comic.


I am not appalled at all.

I am delighted he made this the single most memorable line he spat out after 24 hours of oration.


He’s not talking to the people in the room. This sham trial has a predetermined outcome, as some “jurors” have openly admitted. He’s speaking to the public.

That is the audience I was referring to.

Flyover Country.



I already said the rhetoric was over the top, so you can drop the head on a pike stuff.

I’m not talking about elections and neither was Schiff, I’m talking about the price they will pay at the behest of Donald Trump. “Punished” might be a better word. He will see to it.

So you’re arguing that Schiff was wrong and Senate Republicans who vote to remove Trump from office would not face consequences with their constituents?

Quiet for days and that’s what they get their panties twisted over?

doth protest toooooo much.


The Senators know that is not the Trump doctrine.

Hence the reason the comment was so poorly received and the takeaway moment.

No striking that moment from the record now.



Let us see how how the defense goes.

It has been 70 days since we have heard from them. Sounds fair.