Head of CNN Jeff Zucker Resigns

Lemon is an idiot.

They lost me as well after the aggressive Trump coverage. I was one of the ones who foolishly thought that MSNBC was for the left and Fox was for the right and CNN was down the middle.

What a load of ■■■■

…and that’s an insult to all of the idiots of the world. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:


Did he ever find the black hole the Malaysian jet flew into back in 014?

“As CNN’s wall-to-wall coverage on the missing Malaysian Airlines plane continued late on Wednesday, Don Lemon asked an aviation expert whether Flight 370 could have been sucked up by a black hole. The question, which appeared to fly contrary to the laws of physics, was first brought up by a curious viewer on Twitter.”


And yet a Republican controlled Senate issued a report that says there was collusion.

Nope…election integrity…fact checkers…swirling the bowl.

After millions of dollars and two years of investigation, the summary of the findings of special counsel Robert Mueller is out. First and foremost, Mueller found there was no established conspiracy or collusion between anyone in the Trump campaign and the Russians. Second, Mueller made a curious type of prosecutor “declination” — not declining to prosecute, as he did on collusion, but declining an opinion either way.



Consensus seems to be Fredo got even…


Fredo and ratings circling the toilet bowl. :grinning:


I can do this also.