Has the salt lost it's savour?

Salt is mentioned many times in the Bible, and has many uses. I’m referring more specifically to Jesus’ words in Matthew 5:13 " Ye are the salt of the earth: but if the salt have lost his savour, wherewith shall it be salted ? It is thenceforth good for nothing, but to be cast out, and to be trodden under the foot of men."

I believe Jesus is talking to Christians here. I also believe he is implying that Christians have a great responsibility to be an influence upon society. Going further, he also is saying that the Christian, or Christians who do not uphold this responsibility are useless and will become more influenced by the world than the other way around.

As I look at the state of our country, and the state of our churches, I believe Christians are a big part of the problem. If we look and talk and act like the rest of the world, then how do we convince people they need Christ to gain the kingdom? What do we have that they can’t gain from the world? We are being trodden underfoot…

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Full inspiration and the spirit of being “Fishers of Men”

In the Lotus Sutra of Buddhism, there is this important idea of “Bodhisattvas of the Earth,” waiting to be called. It appears in the Lotus Sutra “Emerging from the Earth” Chapter. One’s Ichinen (single-minded prayer) must call them to emerge.

I give my best efforts in all that I do but every once in a while, encounter an obstacle which I can not find a solution. I call it my personal…Red Sea. As I stand there, the other factors that are involved…close in, like the Egyptian Army did with Moses. I’m lost with no answers and I pray. I wish I could express right now the totality of what I’ve witnessed in my life. Right before my eyes, my Red Sea parts, with no help from me…as I stand in amazement. I wonder to myself, did I just see what I just saw? This is beyond incredible. Then I ask myself, was it a miracle? The answer I conclude is no…but it was way beyond improbable. My faith increases as a result and I carry on in life.

Then…once again…maybe a year and maybe longer, I come to another shore of another personal Red Sea and it begins again. Each time it happens…as I stand amazed, my faith increases.

This leads me to where I am today. I’m not here to condemn anyone. I am not the Judge, God is but I am happy in this world living a life that I believe is The Lord’s Will. I am married to the same woman, who is without question…a gift from God. I work hard to raise my children and to display a loving relationship with their mother. They witness how I treat everyone and as they’ve matured, now do the same in their lives. Now they’ve given me the gift of another generation, who once again, I teach by displaying personally what I trust is The Lord’s Will.

It is my hope all can witness and partake in the many, many positive aspects of being a Christian by observing my life as well as the responsibilities of being a Christian but…I harbor no ill will for those who do not. If you ask, I will speak with you regarding these things but I will not deviate from the path I’m on…which I believe…is what The Lord’s Will for my life is and I attempt to accomplish this, through constant prayer.

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taste was never the question with limiting strategic arms

That’s a great testimony Smyrna!! I think you hit upon the best answer. The example we set in our personal lives and how God has changed our lives and answered prayers.

Christians are called to witness, by our lives and words the transforming power that Christ imparts through his Spirit. As if saving us from a death we deserve isn’t enough, he blesses us beyond anything we could hope for.

You are right, we don’t get to judge others, not in regards to their salvation anyway, but we certainly are watched and judged by others, especially if we call ourselves Christians, and we are told to judge ourselves.

But do Christians, who are the salt of the earth, have an obligation to “call out” for lack of a better term, other Christians or even churches who are doing harm to the cause of Christ? Paul was very blunt, both to churches and individuals. In both cases the church at Corinth and Peter got right. They didn’t double down and get angry at Paul for his bluntness.

If Christians, who have been entrusted with the truth don’t correct and reprove other Christians then who will? And if they continue in behavior or doctrine that leads people away from Christ, or prevents them from accepting him in the first place, are we accountable for standing by quietly?

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When it comes to my fellow Christians, the best time for a conversation like what you’re speaking of is in church. I explain that in my opinion, Christianity is like the game of golf. The church is the driving range. Come here to practice, learn, help encourage and teach others. That said, The Lord’s course is outside of the church’s doors. This is where Christianity is done…on The Lord’s course of this life of ours. Now let’s rock. :+1: