Has the HuffPost been infiltrated by right wingers?

The HuffPost is reporting that someone paid overseas workers to create hits for competing stories in order to bury a negative story from the HuffPost on Citizens United, a Democratic PAC.

They also report how media repeated speculation from the National Enquirer that helped to kill Ted Cruz’s campaign:

Has the vast right-wing conspiracy finally gained a foothold at the HuffPost?

Maybe they need to get Hillary Clinton to help them root out the infiltrators?

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Conspiracies? I thought that came from the far left?

You know… Them saying that the moon landing was fake.
Or Aliens? lol.

My observation is that many in the media label any speculation that they want to ignore as a “conspiracy theory”, but things that they agree with are called “investigations” or “unverified reports”.


Why would right-wingers pay to drop a negative story about a DEMOCRATIC PAC?

Why would the left-wingers at the HuffPost want to report about an apparent conspiracy to hide a negative story about a Democratic PAC? They normally leave such reporting to Breitbart, Fox News, etc.

Have attempts to silence criticism of Democratic political interests become so blatant that even the HuffPost can’t ignore them?

Or has the vast right-wing conspiracy made it into the HuffPost?

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There is of course another possibility…your claims of hyper-partisanship are…you know…wrong?

And HuffPost is simply…you know…reporting the news?