Has anyone here personally benefitted from so-called Bidenomics? + How exactly does Government build the economy from the bottom up and middle out?

When Democrats have power, the middle class is theoretically supposed to flourish as Democrats are supposedly the party of the middle class. But as a middle class American, as I’ve thought about it, I don’t see that in any way I’m better off because of these Democrat policies. I’m still paying a lot at the grocery store, at restaurants, at the pump. The Market has been extremely volatile, bought a new car and took out a loan for nearly 7%, and has been discussed poverty is flowing into the country at an unstainable rate. Where’s the promised utopia? Exactly how are things better? I don’t see it. Who here is honestly doing great because of Bidenomics?


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From the link:

The non-profit group Media Research Center has compiled five charts that sum up the economic impact of Joe Biden. It includes:

• Gas prices are up 63%.

• Real wages have gone down for Americans.

• Prices are skyrocketing 3 times faster under Biden.

• Mortgage rates are changing for the worse under Biden.

• Saving rates of Americans have collapsed under Biden.


I got nearly a 7% raise on my pensions the year before last, an 8% increase last year, and a 3.2% increase this year. Bills haven’t changed. Things and stuffs are more expensive though.

Libs would smile and let Democrats spit in their face just to pretend like they aren’t suffering for their own stupidity.


I’ll make money.

Not directly because of the imbecile, but I’ll make money.

Best labor market in a generation. Music to my ears hearing cheap owners complain that they cannot fill open positions.

That’s cute.


Some one who is semi-retired…Bidenomics is effect me hard.

Soft lumber has dropped, hardwood has gone up 50/60 percent in last 2 or 3 years.

Been good for my oil company stocks.

Hey, mandatory paid sick days for ALL working Americans. That would really help them out. So, yea or nay?

“I have no trade skills.
I have no specialty.
I invent nothing.
I build nothing.
I protect nothing.
I’m here so I deserve more benefits!”


:rofl: And there it is!

Where’s the hiring been (sectors) and which specific Bidenomics policy is directly responsible?

Mandatory paid sick days?

Oh, you mean paid time off(PTO)?

It’s been that way with my evil corporation for years now.


Yes, there it is. You have no idea what a working class person is. :wink:


Doesn’t look like you do, either. By your original post it seems like they’re all a bunch of freeloaders.

Btw, as a mail carrier I think I qualify.

Working class people blaze their own path in life through innovation, creativity, and skills that other people depend on or never knew they needed.

You are describing an unskilled nobody whose only contribution to the world is showing up and doing the repetitions that any retard can do. :rofl:



Btw, I’m describing that person that does show up every day on time, and busts their ass working at Burger King or 7-11. But I guess they’re just a bunch of retards.

Flipping burgers is not what working class people do either. Holy crap. :rofl:

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This is what Google has to say.