Has Anyone Here Ever had a Knee Replacement Surgery?

First and foremost, did they let you keep your kneecap??

How long was your recovery?

Any complications?

How would you rate your leg now compared to when it was still healthy?

Never had it done so I have no answers, but it sounds like you’re going to have the surgery. Good look with it!

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I ain’t never said nuffin’ of the sort :stuck_out_tongue:

So, just asking for a friend? :wink:

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Of course! lol

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my wife had it done 3 weeks ago.
she had a granny walker for the first week,now she uses a cane but its getting better every day
she has physical therapy several times a week

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I found this forum which may help:


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My Dad had his first done about 7 years and the other one about a month ago. I firmly believe its the only reason he’s still alive. He’s a pretty active, busy guy, always up to something and the pain in his left knee was so bad he couldn’t stand or walk for very long, was always looking for a place to sit down. Within a couple of months of the first replacement he was back to riding his bike, hiking, building things in his shop. It’s amazing how short the recovery time is now, the next day they had him putting weight on it. Just follow the PT guidelines and you’ll get full range of motion back.

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Sooo… did anyone get to keep their kneecap?

I had my done a little over a year ago. So happy I did it. Wish I would have done it years earlier. Kneecap was not the problem and is still in place. Walking and riding stationary bike withen a week. They told me not much I could do to hurt it do do what your pain tolerance can handle.