Has Anyone Ever Been Unimpeached?

I know not the presidents, but anyone else that was ever impeached in our country.

Just wondering.




Nobody has technically been unimpeached. :smile:

However, several impeachments were dropped due to the official in question resigning after the impeachment vote.


Good enough. Is it just judges that can also be impeached??

Regardless, I figured it would be easier asking than finding a list and tearing through their dispositions.

That has the full list of impeachments, plus a few people that were investigated but not impeached, such as William O. Douglas.

The President, Vice President and Officers of the United States can be impeached.

Officers of the United States include lots and lots of people. :smile:

All Article III, Article I and Article IV Federal Judges. All Cabinet members and heads of independent agents. And all of the thousands of Inferior Officers. Military Officers are all subject to impeachment, though it is considered implausible that impeachment would ever be used against a military officer.


The C-JCS maybe. There were some who should have been.

Link to the 2016 Plum Book.

Virtually every position listed in that book is subject to impeachment. :smile:

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Here is a list of people who have been impeached:

Several judges have been impeached and removed from office.

While no one had been “unimpeached”, one of the removed judges was elected to the House, and he recently voted to impeach Trump:

Not that I know of but I suppose if the house chose to once republicans and sane democrats get control again they could formally pass a resolution declaring his impeachment null and void.

Never happen.

Who said it will? That something could happen doesn’t mean that it will.

You gave a hypothetical and I said your hypothetical won’t happen.

Whoopie. …

Wouldn’t being unimpeached be like being unindicted or unarrested?

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No, it would be like having an a case thrown out on the merits when it gets before a judge.

Thankfully we’ve been assured that Donald wasn’t impeached so this question is merely academic.

But not in that commie lib academic higher education kind of way.

That should be sane Republicans and Democrats… Wouldn’t you agree? There is plenty of room for sane republicans.

There’a already plenty of sane republicans in both houses.

No it wouldn’t. It would be like a prosecutor saying “I don’t think my predecessor should have charged the defendant and taken him to trial. I officially disagree with that decision.”

And that’s it.

Why do you ask? How would this be any different than impeachment proceedings being dropped?

I don’t think the word makes sense and sounds just as awkward as “unhit”, “unindicted”, or “unoffended”. Grammatically, I guess, impeachment isn’t a status, but an action. Once it happens, you can’t speak of it as being reversed. Think of it like this: if someone is killed and is somwhow resurrected, we wouldn’t say that they were “unkilled” because to say that they were “killed” is to refer to a thing that happened to them at some point in the past.

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