Harley-Davidson sales slump as U.S. motorcycle business falters


It appears Harley is being negatively affected and will have to make some tough decisions.


They should have expected their sales to plummet when they made it clear they’re anti-american and pro-isis.



Unless your on the “enemy of the people” list by daring to question the dear leader.


Harley sales have been dropping since 2014.


I’m sure those Make Harley Davidson Great Again hats will be rolling out soon, once they are done with the Make Farmers Great Again hats.

What color will the HD ones be?


Although said tongue in cheek and with hyperbole intended to satirize and denigrate Trump supporters with an implication that borders on a lie…

Well said.


Thank you. This was exactly my intent.


How is Harley “pro-isis”?


It’s hyperbole. Hyperbole is used regularly in certain circles.


harley sales have been falling since 2014


Anyone not offering enthusiastic and unquestioning support for our Orange Goblin King is emboldening jihadists, sabotaging our economy, and making baby Jesus cry.


That’s about the time when they started to worship at the foot of Allah. Makes sense.


Can’t the President sprinkle some “Trump Bucks” on Harley to make it all better?


Please don’t break down on me?


I know that you were hyperbolizing, but I don’t think the poster I responded to was.


I don’t think that poster cares about being accurate if there’s a point to be made.


Yes, my family and I are hoping that if we can defeat Trump, Jihadists in masks will soon descend upon our neighborhood and start beheading people before implementing strict Sharia law. Isn’t that the fondest hope of all liberal Jews like us?


What is dead may never die.


They are still selling but tariffs are driving up prices and eating into profits.