Hard to Believe Anyone Is This Dumb

Dad's 'Tantrum' Over Baby Gender Reveal Sparks Fury: 'Disgusting Behavior'.

I guess this idiot never took general biology, where one learns it’s the sperm that with either an X or Y to determine male or female. It’s hard to believe in an era of science and information readily available anyone is this dumb.

And pitching a tantrum at what’s supposed to be a festive occasion, how classy! Much as some talk about how we’re just not replacing ourselves, I’d rather see less stupid people like the sperm donor in this story have any children at all since they clearly can’t accept whatever they get.


Aww, poor pooky has to raise a daughter. Someone’s feeling guilty about all the things he’s done to girls. lol

On a grander scale, the formation of the Anglican Church was the result of a gender tantrum by one guy.

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I don’t get his gripe here, baby aint chose it’s gender yet, dads still got a chance at having a son.

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If he gets that upset about having another daughter he’s probably a conservative and thus anti-trans. :wink: