Happy TDofV day!

In your opinion it’s degenerate, not mine. Not every Christian is a hive mind.

This post on X made me smile as it has some truth to it.


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Maybe for snowflakes who have a loose grasp on how calendars work and when Easter is celebrated each year.


Just out of curiosity, how many TDofV have there been?

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Do you know why?

This isn’t inclusion.

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The Christians I know do consider it insulting.

  1. How many Easters?

I am insulted that they feel insulted. Round and round we go.

Again, how does this stop any Christian from celebrating Easter?

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Did Biden make Easter fall on March 31 this year?


Just Another day for the right to be outraged and feel attacked by something.

Being a perpetual victim must be exhausting.


Coincidence…simple as that.

No. He couldn’t help that. What he could have done was keep his cake hole shut about Tranny Day.


Agreed. No need to make proclamations about Tranny Day.

I love how they conflate the religious and commercial aspects of Easter and perform affront on behalf of both.

But the best part is running to a public forum for a communal panty-knot. Here’s an idea: you do you. Ignore the whole mess and just go to church!


Tranny day LOL. My gosh what an edgy comment.


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This was unnecessary

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Go to church? Why?



Quite honestly most of the so called Christians who are outraged by this (not talking about Hannity posters but the wider world) probably only pay lip service to being a Christian on Easter and Christmas.

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If was done to try and garner votes. Quite blatantly a political stunt by Biden.