Happy “pride” month 🥴

This is so stupid. Paint a pro-life slogan and see how long it takes to get de-faced and those who did it ignored and even lauded as “brave”.

Spokane…sure has gone to hell the past 15 years or so.


prolife flag

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They are exactly the same. Your “common usage” is slang that has endured through generations of users.

The word “gay” for homosexuals, for example.

Students say regardless of personal opinions on abortion, they hope this controversy serves as a learning moment for the rest of the campus.

A group has taken responsibility for the defacement.

The university has not commented on whether any type of disciplinary action will be taken.

Del Campo, YAF’s chairman, reported the vandalism to DePaul’s public safety department, which investigated the vandalism. After 13 students admitted to the vandalism, DePaul provided Del Campo with a report with their names. On February 5, the national YAF organization posted that report online. On February 8, Del Campo was charged with two conduct violations, including “Disorderly, Violent, Intimidating or Dangerous Behavior” for releasing the report. FIRE wrote to DePaul’s President, Rev. Dennis Holtschneider, on February 21, arguing that the charges violated Del Campo’s right to speak about his own case. Nevertheless, Del Campo was found responsible on both charges, placed on judicial probation, and required to complete a reflection letter.

Didn’t see where anyone was charged here either.

Many more examples to choose from.


Why do critprogs hate babies?

Children are a responsibility. And crits hate responsibility.

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once informal usage is used for while it becomes common usage.

no need for quotation marks.


Critprogs believe others should be “responsible” so they can legally hold them accountable.

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Explain this to me.

According to the homosexual narrative homosexual’s are born homosexual and they have no control over being homosexual.

So IF this is true, exactly how is it possible to take pride in that which one has absolutely no control?


It ruined a lot of Christmas songs.



An oldie but a googie…

New Brick in the Wall

You, yes, you!
Wear this dress, laddie!

As these grow up and go to school
There are certain parents who will
Hurt the cause any way they can
By pouring their derision
Upon anything we do
And exposing every effort
To indoctrinate their kids

But out in the state halls and court houses
While they slept at home at night, our Woke and
Psychopathic lawyers will thrash them
Within inches of their lives

The kids need our education
The kids need our thought control
Morality stripped in the classroom
Parents, leave them kids alone

Hey, parents, leave the kids alone

All in all it’s just another trans kid so we win
All in all they’re to normalize us so we win

The kids need our education
The kids need our thought control
Our morality in the classroom
Parents, leave them teachers alone

Hey, parents, leave the teachers alone

All in all it’s just another trans kid so we win
All in all they’re to normalize us so we win

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That’s what I said.

Of course the quote marks were necessary. I was quoting you.

And completely mischaracterized Gay Rancheros. :wink:

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on the phrase common usage.

no quotation marks necessary.


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What did he do?