Happy Anniversary - Impeachment Inquiry, The Perfect Phone Call, Blind Hatred and Hoaxes Galore

Happy Anniversary!! It was a year ago today that pelosi and schiff announced the formal impeachment inquiry.

Irrational and emotional people make mistakes, and by not doing the will of the American people and proceeding with their ginned up, phony, bogus impeachment, the dimocrats in Congress launched an unnecessary impeachment against a popular president, that was NEVER going to lead to a conviction in The Senate, they made a HUGE mistake.

And to top it off they ended up causing a distraction during the start of a worldwide pandemic.

Congratulations on the exercise in futility, worthlessness, hatred and stupidity.

Well done!


What a sad episode in American history. Corrupt FBI and an administration that could not except the will of the American people in electing Trump.

At least everyone now knows 95% of the media is partisan, or in short fake news …

John Bolton confirmed that Trump did commit high crimes and abused the power of his office. He deserved to be impeached for this behavior. Think what you will of Bolton, but one thing he is not is a liar. Trump will forever be in the history books as the only President to be impeached and have a bipartisan vote of conviction for his crimes in office.

Bolton held on to what he had to sell a book.

â– â– â– â–  that guy

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No doubt. He can take a long walk off of a short pier. And he very well may face prosecution because of it too. But it doesn’t negate what he has said as being the truth.

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See, all the let has is Vague nothingness sayings like “high crimes and abused the power of his office” and no substance behind it.

Another thread bemoaning how Trump is a victim. Thats all we get these days.

You guys got played so hard. And in so many ways.

russia, russia, russia.

The dossier.

Don Jr. getting indicted.

Flynns’s a traitor.

Collusion in plain sight.

You got played by a party of extremists in desperation about the outsider doing better than they can.

You guys got played by a biased media with an agenda completely in line with one side of the political aisle.

You guys got played by your own feelings and emotions.

You guys are still getting played right now.

It’s pretty amazing and hilarious to watch.

Lock her up

Mexico will pay for the wall

Better and cheaper health insurance

Drain the swamp

I won’t have time for golf…etc etc.

Now who was it that got played?

Still you.

Say what you want about Mueller, but he got results. Several plea deals, indictments, and prison time for come criminals. And yet for all of this talk about alleged crimes under another administration, we haven’t seen jack ■■■■ as far as any charges or indictments.

That’s pretty telling.

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…more like…he fed…you ate…orange man baaa, baaa, baaad…amirite? :sunglasses:

I’m happy with Trump’s results…in spite of all the lib forces working against his every attempt to accomplish what you just listed.

I don’t think there is a chance that senate convicts anyway. Bolton played his cards but that’s irrelevant still ■■■■ that guy.