Happy 70th Anniversary to Queen Elizabeth II

She is currently 4th on the list of longest serving monarchs of all time. If she makes it 91 more days, she moves to 3rd and if she makes it 127 more days, she will move to 2nd.

But she has to make it 2 years, 111 days longer to beat Louis XIV of France for the all time record.

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Happy anniversary Queen Elizabeth.

Good for her. I really hope she beats out Louis.

She has a lot of incentive to live on for many more years … to limit Charlie’s reign to as short as possible. Well that and she needs to rule for another 12 years, 254 days to beat out Sobhuza, who was the king of Swaziland from Dec 1899 to Aug of 1982. He’s not listed as number one because the exact dates of his rule cannot be confirmed. In fact, there are 17 Monarchs who have unverified reigns longer than Elizabeth. She only has to make it to age 108. Have faith. :wink:

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I will keep with the “verified” reigns listed at the Wikipedia article. :smile:

I actually would like to see Charles get a couple of years at least, as I would like to see his proposed reforms implemented, particularly in sharply reducing the number of titled royals.

And implementation of his global warming agenda? :wink:

smart move saying Charles wife will be called “Queen” that would have been a nightmare for Charles to do during his first year, Queen has the popularity from the public she can do it without blowback.

even when celebrating she is on top of the ball when it comes to keeping the monarchy in check moving forward.

You realize that he does not get to implement any agenda. The days of absolute monarchy are long over in Britain.

Yeah … Push his agenda is more accurate. It is doubtful that it would be implemented.

Yes, Parliament is famous for pushing the Royal agenda not like they have a tradition of literally slamming the door in their face every year during the opening of Parliament. The Monarchy also take one of the MP “Hostage” and lock them up in the Palace during opening of Parliament.

So ridiculous. I can’t believe Britons still put up with it.

because the alternative is worse in the eyes UK/CAN/AUS/etc. the whole concept of Monarch Parliamentary system is to remove the power of political parties which is a fault commonwealth countries saw in Republicanism

The Prime Minister is nothing more then the speaker of the house, a house which can remove him at any point if he become corrupt by simply vote or by removal by the Monarch who is seen as the last bastion of Constitutional order.

so in essence the executive branch only exist to make sure the legislative branch follows the rules of the Constitution they don’t govern or set policy.

Monarchy isn’t required for Parliamentary system some have adapted elected President that hold the same position. but the point remain the same the power of government is with the legislative branch not the executive.

the reason the commonwealth picked a Monarch is because they are seen as symbolic, the Queen is not seen as a political leader but morale leader who job is to nature patriotism.

It’s a heck of a system of government, isn’t it. :wink:

Yeah. :point_up_2: that is why we left. :upside_down_face:

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I sometimes wonder if a parliamentary system (minus the monarch) would work for us. Bet generally speaking…no, not a fan.

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We got the bidens. Hunter is the Biden poster boy. That laptop is great. Of course we have a different form if government. We shall see if the Orange Man returns in 2024.

Queen AOC. That has a nice sound.

Now back to the real topic. Happy Anniversary Queen Elizabeth. We love and appreciate you. God Bless the Queen.

There’s pros and cons to both.

Primary con of the parliamentary system is that you end up with real unstable coalition governments all the time. Israel’s recent experiences show that con in full force; it’s taken them like five years to get a coalition government that is somewhat stable. You also end up with very uneven policies over a period of time, since the legislative branch can be dissolved at nearly any time for any reason.

Primary con of the presidential system (like we use) is that it can be a fertile feeding ground for dictatorial authoritarians to take power, since the executive branch has way more power than in parliamentary systems. There’s a fair balance between parliamentary systems and presidential systems worldwide and the United States is one of the very few countries that has made the presidential system work as intended. A significant portion of African states and most Latin American states are presidential republics, often based on our system, and they have a habit of ending up with either the military running things or some guy declaring himself president for life.

That and 3.50 will get you a cup of coffee at Starbucks.

God Bless Queen Elizabeth and her 70 year reign, which is what the original post was all about.

God Bless The Queen.

Oh I agree.

I’m a small r Republican. I inherently dislike monarchy.

But at the same, she’s such a charismatic person that I can’t help but admire her. She’s a shining example of a good monarch.

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