HANNITY: The Left’s Favorite Conspiracy Theory is Dead | Sean Hannity

Special counsel Robert Mueller officially handed over his report on Russian election meddling to Attorney General William Bar Friday; with senior DOJ officials saying the document is “not recommending any further indictments.”

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As has so often happened in the past, I expect nothing to change. The left will continue to ignore the flagrant violations by those on the left, that have been so well explained by our host, while they continue to chew on any hint of a conspiracy against the right like a hungry dog with a bone. Even those made up by their own operatives.
They see that as their only option. Anything but a full on attack will give the right a chance to show them for what they are. Hateful empty people, with no real helpful message for the American people!

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You’re right. It’s maddening seeing what they’re getting away with, disenfranchising more and more from taking part or even attempting to take part in public discourse.

Look at one of my favorite personalities, Judge Jeanine. Disney bought Fox, so now she doesn’t represent the entity’s vision? Come on. But Donna Brazille does? Tucker and Sean…Levin… you guys bring truth and ratings lol and now they’re [the left] using shady tactics to censor legally.

Mueller’s report may show our President’s “non-guilt” in their hoax, but that won’t stop them from cutting us off from the truthsayers. I’m so disappointed right now.