HANNITY: Sessions Should UN-RECUSE Himself Immediately | Sean Hannity

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity’ Wednesday night, Sean called on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to un-recuse himself immediately; saying his decision to recuse himself last March continues to damage the country to this day.

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He should either remove his ill-advised recusal, which is not long-term good, or resign, so President Trump can replace him without approval.

Jeff is a mole, a spy, an anti-Trump agent, planted with great false-resistance hoopla by anti-Trump forces, both within and without the Democrats, to serve to neutralize the DOJ’s investigative and prosecutorial powers and keep the Clinton’s and the former administration safe from investigation. He is the worst person in President Trump’s sphere and should be removed and prosecuted, if anyway possible, for his false pretenses.

Lol. Why not just fire him? Scared of lil Jeff?