Hannity Radio Show Recap: Oct 24

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4:05 PM ET - NYPD Commissioner Bernie Kerik, author of The Grave Above the Grave was Commissioner of the city of New York, and Dan Bongino, former Secret Service Agent, and author of Spygate talk about the number of suspicious packages and attacks happening today. The White House has already condemned these attacks:

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders on Wednesday condemned the “attempted violent attacks” against former President Obama and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton after authorities intercepted potential explosive devices that had been mailed to their homes.

In a statement, Sanders called the attempted attacks “despicable” and the perpetrators “cowards,” saying U.S. law enforcement agencies are investigating the incidents.

“We condemn the attempted violent attacks recently made against President Obama, President Clinton, Secretary Clinton, and other public figures,” Sanders said.

Later, Sanders said President Trump and other administration officials were closely monitoring the “ongoing situation,” including threats made to CNN.

4:30 PM ET - Sean Spicer, Senior Advisor & Spokesman, America First Action, former White House Press Secretary for the Trump Administration and author of The Briefing: Politics, The Press, and The President talks about the migrant caravan and the midterm elections. Joining him is Kris Kobach who has penned a piece on the current migrant caravan, he is the elected Secretary of State of Kansas. An expert in immigration law and policy, he co-authored the Arizona SB-1070 immigration law and represented in federal court the 10 ICE agents who sued to stop Obama’s 2012 DACA executive amnesty. He is currently a candidate for governor in Kansas. Two main points in the op-ed:

  1. This is a new form of illegal immigration. For years it has been small groups sneaking in during the dead of night. Now it’s a giant group traveling with the media in tow, DEMANDING entry.

  2. This is also a consequence of our welfare state giving $134 billion every year to illegal aliens. As Milton Friedman observed: “You can’t have open immigration and a welfare state.”

5:05 PM ET - James O’Keefe, Founder of Project Veritas, strikes again and this time in North Dakota. Heidi Heitkamp is in the hot seat this time; some of the big takeaways from the video:

Senator Heitkamp will be “Super Liberal” if Re-Elected, Campaign Masks Views from Press and Voters, “doesn’t poll well here.”

• Heitkamp Digital Director: “she’d probably be bolder” Once Re-Elected
• Running Away from Obama: Campaign Staff hides Obama Merch from Press, Need to Appear Moderate
• Heitkamp Campaign Deliberately Vague on Support for Border Wall
• Senate Staff Assistant: “If the country moved further to the left,
[Heitkamp] would move to the left.”
• Campaign Organizer: Pressure Trump with Impeachment if “we get the Senate back”

5:30 PM ET - Brandon Straka, is a gay conservative who is leading a march in DC this weekend to encourage other former Democrats to Walk Away from a party that does not care about them. He is speaking out and has been, about a party that uses groups of people as pawns during election season. Joining him is Buzz Patterson, who carried the nuclear football under President Clinton and is the author of Dereliction of Duty: an Eyewitness Account of How Bill Clinton Compromised America’s National Security.

I want to know this myself. All the attacks barely get a word in the MSM if they get any at all.
The blame for the chaos going on right now is all on the liberal Democrats, MSM and Hollywood who started it all. One side can’t continue to verbally, physically or terrorize without the other side responding in kind but in this case I wouldn’t put it past the despicable leftist “the ends justify the means” Democrats are the ones responsible.!

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How did you find out? Did an owl put letters in your mailbox?

A Democrat making a joke out of bombs, and possibly the death of someone?

I never thought it would happen in my lifetime. lol. Especially, when it’s bombs being
sent to their own. Of course the Dems do want Socialism and Anarchy, so I guess it’s
almost like their trying to show what America would be like if they win the midterm elections?

Not from the lamestream media, obscure links on some social media with “check this quick before they pull it”. Like the group ripping up signs and trying to get Kav supporters kicked off campus. Like another place a guy holding up pro Kav signs and being harrassed and the signs knocked out of his hands.

How much coverage did Lame Stream give to the Republican congress critters being shot at a ball game compared to the bombs?

How much coverage has lamestream media given to congress critters being harassed in airports, and resturants and even in the halls of congress?

As we get more & more information this whole thing starts to reek of liberal Democrat doings. Thankfully NONE of the devices exploded and many didn’t even have viable detonators! :roll_eyes: I don’t believe any of them were viable pipe bombs and this is just a liberal Democrat scam before election day.

I’m thinking that it is a major possibility as well. Even though I despise what the Democrat politicians stand for, and are, I don’t wish death upon anyone. We definitely have to take precautions to make sure that everyone is safe.

But I think that it is definitely possible that it could be a scam to try and swing the momentum in the Democrats direction. Making them look like the victims. They’ve been attacking Trump and the Republicans for so long, and the American people hated them for it. I think they finally decided to change their tune, and finally may have learned that they can’t attack all of the time, mainly because it contradicts their peace, love, and equality for everyone, as well as several aspects of what they constantly preach and supposedly stand for.

I wrote a thread in the Politics(primary thread) part of this site. Ironically, it did get a descent amount of attention from Liberals right off the bat. Which makes me think even more so, that they knew what they were doing all along, and it could very well be a hoax and fake.

All of those were covered…a lot. Are you denying this?

The bomb situation is a couple of days old. And over a dozen bombs were sent to people…thus far.

And a simple Google search will show you plenty of MSM sources covering Ds shouting down people, just like they covered #BLM shouting down people. It’s not hard to find.

But we get it…if they don’t cover all situations equally to the second, it was unequal and biased coverage, right?

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Don’t you worry though. The mainstream(ABC,CBS,NBC) media can make the Republicans look bad, no matter how vicious of attacks come from the far left.

I’m sure that your precious left wing biased media doesn’t show how much these liberal activists harass Republicans, or even the voters that support them. lol.

Google search? Do you mean that thing that collects data on everyone with a smartphone or was it an iPhone? passwords, emails, all your personal data? Great suggestion there! lol. Go to liberal Democrat Google, to make sure that they can spy on you even more. lol.

Your mainstream media intentionally covers a lot more things that are liberal related, and they put a liberal spin on everything they report.

Are you not denying that the mainstream media is biased?

In my time on the Hannity Forums, I never have. I condemn CNN for their bias and haven’t watched them in years. The only time I watch is during their election coverage-I think it’s the best and comprehensive. Other than that, I don’t consume the “LSM” any more than I consume Fox-just browsing headlines at their websites.

So you go ahead and get the ■■■■ out of here with this “your precious left wing biased media” ■■■■■■■■.

Tisk, tisk. Can’t we all, just………………get along?

I’m happy for you that you stand up for you Liberal beliefs.
It’s called Freedom of Speech. Although, if the Dems win in the mid-term election
either the House or Senate, I don’t know how much freedoms we will have left overtime.

I would imagine that America would become more and more Socialist, to the point where if you say the wrong thing you could be shot, simply for saying something against the government. Sorta like North Korea. lol. Perfect example. Maybe Bernie Sanders and you should visit North Korea, and share your views over there? lol. Actually, I take that back, because you would be shot without question, for running your mouths. We should be so proud that we don’t live in a Socialist Liberal country!!! Where we have 1st Amendment rights.

Ah, so straw men and ad hominen are your game. Got it.

You’re the liberal here.

It’s however you “feel” right? lol.
Your politicians are the ones that thrive off the fear and emotions of Americans.

Nothing I have ever typed to you would give an indication of liberalism. You sound like a retread or alternate account talking like this. The only question is who…

For not being a liberal, you sure like to use Liberal sources of media. lol. While you’re on Google, tell them not to keep all of your passwords and steal your personal information. Oh wait, you’re a Democrat, and they’re Democrats. It doesn’t matter, cause you’re one in the same base. lol.

Also, for not being a Liberal supposedly, you sure do like to attack Conservatives on here??? What’s up with that? You non-Liberal you. lol.

This thread is a severe blizzard of TrumpFlakes

Well, that’s not very nice. Are you putting party-free, and yourself in that same category now?
Since both of you have posted on here also? lol.