Hannity Newsletter

Ok, now I keep getting (like every few seconds) a popup for Hannity’s newsletter. It also gives an option of "no thanks, I’m a democrat, but comes right back up again.

Is there an effort to rid the forum of democrats?

Well, technically it would rid the forum of people who don’t want the newsletter.

I was just about to say I did not have this issue, then got one in the middle of typing! Lame!

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Lol, true. I get enough mail I don’t want.

You can always click yes and assign it as spam once it hits your e-mail account.

Yeah, I could. :slight_smile: But I’d like to know if this is now a requirement to post here, or if we have the option to not sign up and also to not get further popups.

I was too busy looking at 40yr old women in my area that want to hook up. These adds are classy

Are they age appropriate at least? :slight_smile:

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Ads are typically generated based on the user :wink:

Right now mine are all car crap since I am modding the ■■■■ out of my 4X4.

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LOL! Yeah I get them as well but I am married for 22yrs and need no extra booty to search for so that is why I get pissed.

Maybe my 12 yr old son has a thing for older women? :rofl:

i wonder if it’s sent to the POTUS.

It wouldn’t surprise me.