HANNITY: Joe Biden’s Struggles Are Getting Hard to Watch

Originally published at: HANNITY: Joe Biden’s Struggles Are Getting Hard to Watch | Sean Hannity

Speaking during his opening monologue on ‘Hannity Tuesday night, Sean weighed-in on the string of primary victories won by Joe Biden; saying it’s getting “hard to watch” the former Vice President’s series of gaffes and blunders.

“As it stands now, Quid Pro Quo Joe has cemented his front-runner status. But Joe Biden is struggling. Everybody sees it, it is now official, and it is beyond alarming if we’re being honest as a country. Frankly, it’s even hard to watch. The confusion, the never-ending gaffes, the bursts of outrage and anger should concern every American,” said Hannity.

“This should be regardless of any political view… He forgets Barack Obama’s name, he confused his wife for his sister, he called Super Tuesday Super Thursday,” he added. “He told a crowd in South Carolina he was running for Senate.”

Watch Hannity’s opening monologue above.

He is a known Russian collusion liar with zero credibility after all!