HANNITY: Here’s My Plan for Re-Opening New York City

Originally published at: HANNITY: Here’s My Plan for Re-Opening New York City | Sean Hannity

Sean Hannity unveiled his plan for re-opening New York City Thursday night after speaking with Governor Andrew Cuomo; urging mandatory temperature checks, masks and gloves, and 50% capacity for businesses across the Big Apple.

“How do we open New York City? How do we get Yankee Stadium open? I have my answer for you,” said Hannity. “You’ve got this very small geographic area with 11 million people, it’s a difficult task.”

“Nobody wants to wear gloves and a mask, but we’re doing it for people that are vulnerable. New York City’s modeling is holding,” he added. “Let’s call it the Hannity Plan. Masks and gloves will be the new normal, even indoors. Non-essential workers will have to work from home, at least 50% of the workforce.”

“Digital temperature checks, that has to happen to anybody entering any building. I want to see Yankee Stadium open. This is not my decision, but you have to start with protecting people with increased risks,” said Hannity.

Watch Hannity’s plan for NYC above.