‘HANNITY’ BLOWOUT: ‘Hannity’ Most Watched CABLE SHOW in JULY | Sean Hannity

Fox News continued to dominate the basic cable market in July, with ‘Hannity’ taking the top spot as the most watched news program in the United States.

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Ratings are great. Hannity has a reality show president at his fingertips. Trump’s party loves reality show entertainment (lies included).

It ain’t rocket science.

Give em what they want.

Headline is mis-leading.

Heading states it’s the most watched “cable show”, but the article says “basic cable news program”.


I can believe that .
Even many people on the left don’t want to watch the fake news channels anymore …that news , is no news !

“News program”?

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Could it be that people are getting sick of the anti Trump network news that they are being subject to 24 hours a day? That they see how bias the news is and tune in Hannity and Fox just to get a little relief and see what’s really happening. All the others are too busy dumping on Trump. Maybe they’ll get the memo?

Do you know that Hannity is opinion and not news?

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Wait I thought hannity wasn’t “news” and he isnt a journalist?