Hannity, Ask The Real Question!

Ok, Sean Hannity repeats Obama’s whispered statement to a Russian official about being more flexible about an issue concerning Putin after his re-election. His focus is on Obama’s connection to Putin.

But the focus should be on Obama’s confident claim that he’d be re-elected. He says after my re-election, not if I’m re-elected, or hopefully when I’m elected. He says it as a matter of fact statement that he already knows his re-election has been/is a done deal.
How’d he know it to be a factual circumstance in order to continue having more flexibility with the issue concerning Putin?

Yes, Obama haxxored the election machines in his favor and nobody was ever able to prove he did it.

Nobody who is a candidate for President is ever going to say “if”…

Because he wasn’t a ham sandwich.

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Hate to agree with you, but I do.

Republicans thought even a ham sandwich would beat Obama… so they nominated a guy who was about as interesting as a ham sandwich…and lost.

“Hope” there wouldn’t be any “Change”.

Enh. Obama and Trump share swollen ego’s. Obama probably just assumed he would win because…he is Obama.

Remember the time Obama called a foreign leader to start an investigation on a US citizen who also happens to be a political opponent?

I don’t.

Because it never happened.

You know who did do something like that?

Donald Trump.



When did the “collusion” stuff start again?

When Trump surrounded himself with people who had weird, secret dealings with Russians, universally lied about them, and then personally encouraged them to hack his political opponents multiple times.

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So it was the Obama administration investigating an opposing candidate?

Go back and read what I replied to.

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This subject has never been discussed on tv before. Ever.

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I’m pretty sure the flexible kenyan ladyboy merely said “after the election” while whispering sweet nothings in the russian’s ear.

He said something about it being his last election, but that was just the facts of term limits.

Watch the video.

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Remind us again when those FISA warrants on Carter Paige started again?