HANNITY: America, You Can SHOCK THE WORLD All Over Again | Sean Hannity

Speaking during his opening monologue from the President’s ‘MAGA’ rally in Missouri Monday night, Sean Hannity urged all Americans to head to the voting booth on Election Day to “shock the world again.”

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Sean Hannity speaking the Truth about how he feels and, quite honestly the undeniable truth should not be a big deal. Only in this day of insane political correctness and a time where honesty in reporting is something seldom seen in the MSM is something like this considered shocking ! A real shock would be CNN doing stories that were fake and honest but. No one is holding their breath for that to occur any time soon!

Unlike the majority of the MSM Sean Hannity and most of the commentators that are hired by Fox understand and they are honest with the public that they are commentators and not news people. They do this even though the reporting by Sean Hannity is as honest a a it gets and he does a great job of telling it just as it is!