Gutfeld's Montage of Rachel Maddcow on Collusion.. (Tic,tic,tic, boom, Chromium, and smelters )

This is hilarious… It’s from the Gutfeld show this Saturday. Makes Maddow look as insane as she is… This is the best copy I could fine, so far…

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You love you some Maddow.

There’s only one reason why Gutfeld’s did a hit job on Maddow and here it is:

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Should I be surprised that your analysis comes down to looks?

I personally just get a little bored by her investigative approach (at least in real-time).

This is truly a good look at insanity from the left through watching Madcow. She will crack up and lose it like ed shultz did or blubberman. They always do.

She did push it the best, it reminded me of the days of Glenn Beck the Sharpie with whiteboard and George Soros.

Montages are great fun - you can make them say whatever you want. Just like taking dozens of photos of someone at a wedding and then choosing the one shot that shows their eyes closed and tell the world they are asleep.

Tic, tic, tic boom…LMAO! And she was the leading voice of the dems. Remember when she pretended to have trumps tax returns… She got tons of ratings that night…

Hate Maddow…but anyone can look crazy with selective editing.

Gutfeld does a lot of Maddow montages. I have to say, her election night conduct was pretty frightening. I can’t watch her for very long because - and I’m not sure if she’s aware of this - she blinks constantly. I’m not sure if it’s a problem with the lights, or she’s wearing uncomfortable contacts, but it’s very distracting.

I thought even funnier was when Gutfeld went after Cuomo for the "doctored’ video.

I was dying!