Gun / Shooting forum

Again I’d like to suggest a gun incident forum. 2nd Amendment discussions etc.

why? it will be three people. You rose and samm

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I think a “Sports and Outdoors” forum would probably be more versatile.

Sorry. Didn’t read the first post, just the pm that said guns forum. While I don’t take issue, I’d have to think about it a while, and of course I have no idea how to create different forums, or if I even can.

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Be a good idea

And you apparently.

Thank you for your consideration.

Sports & Outdoors is not the subject I had in mind.

Yeah, I know. I misread it.

I made it a subforum of politics. We’ll see how it goes.

JMHO but i think there should be a seperate gun talk forum that is unrelated to politics. No 2A squabbling, just peeps talking about firearms ss a hobby.


I agree with this. Love discussing firearms, don’t love arguing over my right to own them.

And for your convenience, all in the same forum.

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Thank you.

The intention is to discuss the right to own them.

Ha I love the honesty. Are you saying you and the other mods didn’t go on a 3 day course to learn all the ins and outs of the new forum :wink:

We had a few days to familiarize ourselves with the site, but I slept through class.

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I think I’m off the old forum. I’m not smart enough to switch back and forth.

By the way, I love the picture you used for it. Well done Gunslinger.


Its not that complicated…I have it in another tab…I just click the tab…

Btw, I liked your previous name better, it was easier to remember and write “Sneaky” than “SSFD”

I notice when I click on Gun/Shooting forum it doesn’t take me back to sub forum.

Ok,Just noticed I’m not in 2nd Amendment sub forum. Bang head against wall.