Guess I Know Who to Call if I Want to Get Away with Murder

Attorney Joe Cataldo.

A year and a half sentence, running around on bail five years after she encouraged someone else’s son to end his own life.

It hardly seems an adequate sentence, & IMO if she were a he & the victim female, he’d get a longer sentence.

Its an ugly case but I’m not sure I agree with her being charged because its open the door to a slippery slope.

Actual case in my town. Mom found out her husband had been molesting the daughter for several years. Argument ensues. Husband says “What do you want me to do?” She says something like “I wish you were ******* dead.” To which the husband pulled out a gun and shot himself. Obviously we aren’t going to shed a lot of tears for a child molester but this case isn’t that much different because the wife did encourage the husband to commit suicide.

Did the mom in your town hand her estranged a gun?

Or encourage him through numerous texts?

Sorry but I really believe this individual got off too lightly.

Thats not a fair comparison. We are not talking about a single statement but multiple text messages over a period of time.

Two people, teenagers, both with serious mental issues in a toxic relationship.

I think this woman belongs in the nut house rather than prison.

Nothing will bring her dead ex back but putting her in prison just doesn’t seem like it’s going to do anything but ensure that she probably ends up the same way eventually.