Guess how many times

Mitch will be saying… “No, we won’t be passing that in the Senate” over the next 4 years?


The next two years a ton fo sure. Senate might look different two years after that.

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Hopefully exactly as many times as the house sends him a bad bill, which knowing dems, will be very often.

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Yep… no substantial covid relief or stimulus.

That will make the downturn last longer and the recovery slower and they will campaign on how bad the economy is that they refuse to help fix.

It’s going to be cool.

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Change “bad” to “any” and you got it.

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Well if Trump loses…I guess we’ll never see that great Health Plan of his will we?

Quite a lot i hope.

The only positive of Clueless and Corrupt Biden possibly taking office is the house will almost certainly flip in 2 years and the senate gain seats as well.

Just like the Obama years( Obama nightmare).

The ACA gets overturned and the health care insurance industry goes into chaos.

With no way to fix it, because McConnel won’t bring anything to the floor… that will be cool also.

No, we won’t. Now we can see Badakathcare!

We will see NoCare…because Mitch won’t work with Biden.

And so therefore millions will lose coverage- just in time for the big second wave of the pandemic.


(The same will happen if Trump wins the election, BTW).

But that’s OK- anyone who dies was probably going to anyway.

Gridlock will preserve our booming economy.

I think you are over panicking the situation. By that logic, I could claim that everything that didn’t happen was Pelosi’s fault because she wouldn’t work with Trump and McConnell.

McConnell knows he can’t go two years without passing a bill.

Ridiculous, they won’t shelve a bill they like, problem is, democrats rarely produce anything remotely appealing to the other side of the aisle.

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Sure he can.

No, he can’t.

Here is the only health plan I want or need from the government.

Go buy your own insurance.


He absolutely can.

Why would you think he can’t?

And if you can’t afford it, well…you should have planned better, shouldn’t you have?

Trump is going to win. Take a breath.

No, he can’t. Because he’s not in it alone. Pressure doesn’t just come from the other side. He’s not stupid.