Growing tensions between China and Canada

I found this surprising:

Any other insights regarding this?

Note to Canada: You knew China was a snake before you took them in.

Took them in where?

Here is a link. Justin Trudeau invited China to participate in military training on Canadian soil. It’s no secret that Trudeau is a Communist and has close ties with China.

Trudeau is a woke, weak, wacko dumb ass and China is well aware of it.

That said, Canada is our neighbor and ally so walk softly China…“we” carry a big stick. :sunglasses: :tumbler_glass:

no, we left our stick in Afghanistan…


I’m sure the Chicoms are very concerned.

Canada is even worse than we are at selecting leaders. :neutral_face:


Maybe Canada isn’t disarming its citizenry fast enough for Beijing?


Here’s some more info on this situation:

I’m so confused. I thought all these tough guy leaders were all going to be good little boys once big bad Joe came to town? :man_shrugging:

China sees an easy target to exploit.

Not just Canada now:

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