Groomers in education

Basically: teacher forces 5th grader to use pronouns against the child’s wishes, the administrators knew.

How many more denials will there be? Start classifying this stuff as a sex offense against minors and make them register.


Millstone, neck, ocean.


It’s scary to think about how many new teachers out of school are just a bunch of coolaid drinking warped libs.


This person is far from just out of school. What sort of damage has she done over decades?


How many more extreme anecdotes will there be?

Of course the teacher is a ■■■■ human and deserves whatever coming to her.

However don’t let the extreme exception be the norm. 99.9% of teachers are doing the right thing.

According to the parents. Let’s let the case play out.

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Blue/purple hair is a sure sign of stupidity.

I passed one of those purple-haired freaks today on my way from the park wearing a mask outside with nobody around her.


Murdoch. Liar until proven otherwise.

Disgusting pedophiles and their disgusting defenders.


Compelling as always.

The circling intensifies. :face_vomiting:


On a related note. I’m currently trying to find the city, but in this video:

City mayor shows up to a school board meeting, tells the board their teachers are distributing what amounts to porn to children, says he’s spoken to legal already, they can either resign from the board or face charges.


I can’t remember exactly where it was from and this is as best I can recall: “Did I say or? I’m so sorry, I always get that muddled up. I meant your money and your life!”

Resign AND face charges.

Weird how civil litigation documents or iow pleadings are automatically evidence of guilt…. May be wait until there is discovery? Or don’t.

(Who is going to be first to bring up Trump impeachment :grin:)

The lawsuits will destroy this ideology.

The mayor has already resigned in disgrace. This is the mayor who said ice fishing leads to prostitution. Nothing ever came out of his school board stunt either

The teachers I know aren’t, captured by extreme left ideology to a man/woman. They will trans your tomboy in a heartbeat. Any sane parent going forward will homeschool, preferably with a complete blackout on tv and internet, any other choice is under duress or insanity.

Teacher I know aren’t. I have many in my extended family.

99.9% are doing the right thing.

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I wonder how many people thought the same thing in the 80s with regards to prevalence of satanic cults.

The pendulum against is swinging back. Good. One of these days though the allegations won’t match the evidence. It’s a problem.

Did we affirm satanic cults when I wasn’t looking? Apt comparison otherwise