Gronk Announced His Retriement

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski had announced his retirement.

Congrats on a great career and leaving on top as well as retire on his own terms.

The question is now who will be Tom Brady’s security blanket.

The best tight end in the history of football. Sad to see him go, but hopefully he was able to get out before doing too much serious damage to his body that he will feel later in life.

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1st ballot Hall of Famer. No one else that I can think of that retired this year and thus will come eligible with him in 5 years even comes close to sustained level of greatness. He doesn’t have the career numbers because his career is shorter but no other tight end, not even Tony Gonzales, is even remotely comparable to him in terms of dominance and all around game as Gronk was dominant as a receiver and blocker.

It was the right decision IMO. Watching him this season, it was obvious that injuries have robbed him of most of his speed and explosiveness.

Think Gronk might come back after a year old and his body gets a chance to rest?

Yep. If you watch the Miami Miracle play where the Pats for some reason put him back on defense you could see how he no longer has the same stuff he used to as he got caught flat footed by Kenyan Drake as Drake evaded him.

That said even 70% Gronk is better than nearly every other tight end in the league with only Kelce and maybe Ertz being comparable at that point.