Greatest economy of all time?

federal workers were scheduled to get a 2.5% pay raise
trump reduced it to 1% citing “a national emergency or serious economic conditions affecting the general welfare”

hmmm i guess its not the greatest economy after all. just another trump lie…

Federal workers are overpaid as it is. If don’t like getting a smaller than promised PAY RAISE, then maybe they should seek employment elsewhere. If I was in charge I’d have all of those federal workers get a PAY CUT, or not even be paid at all. Frankly, I believe we have too many people working for the federal government anyways. We could privatize most of it and Americans wouldn’t even notice.

What “emergency” would you cite as justification for your actions?
Either there isn’t an economic emergency, in which case Trumps actions are imperial whim.
Or there is one, and his claims of the best economy ever are overblown.

The emergency is that Federal workers are overpaid considering how useless most of them are.
America would be better off if Federal workers were involuntarily transferred to the private sector.