Great Work, Everyone, on Seth Rich

The Republican Party is dead. It is now the Trumplican party. Anyone who actually cared about conservative principles has left the GOP behind by this point.


Spot on. In the Trump era, you can be Republican or you can be a conservative. It is extremely difficult - if not impossible - to be both.


deplorable is not nearly a strong enough word.

Has this murder been solved?

Is that relevant to this discussion?

Quick answer…no.

What does that have to do with the topic of this thread?

Peter the apostle. :slight_smile:

deny. deny.


If what happened hasn’t been solved, then what didn’t happened has not been solved either.

Right, without any evidence to back up the assertion, we should totes go with the BS story that the Russians made up despite it being so effing ridiculous and making no sense.

You’re saying the fake story planted by the Russian foreign intelligence service could still prove to be true? lol


Ahhhhhhhhhh…I luv the sound of drama. :sunglasses:

LOL- I’d call myself Nostradamus but it wasn’t a difficult prediction for me to make…


Yep- before we solved Fermat’s Last Theorem, there was still the possibility that the solution to the Theorem was two cats and a unicorn smoking pot.


“Logic!" said the Professor half to himself. “Why don’t they teach logic at these schools?”


Was he mentioned in some fake dossier based on info fed from Russia and paid for by one of the political parties?


No- he was mentioned often on conservative talk media…

You must as you continue to carry water for the most dramatic man baby to ever sit in the White House.


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“Dark recesses of the Internet” is obviously Deep State talk to quash reputable investigative journalists that anyone with even a modicum of vision should be paying attention to.

How else would we know about that vault under the Getty where the pedophile ring resides…that the Deep State refuses to raid?

Not just mentioned… the fake Russian story was pushed by right wing media and posters in this very board.

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It’s the Schrodinger’s Cat approach.

Until Rich’s murder is solved, the Seth Rich Murder Wavefunction admits of many equally likely possibilities.

Open your eyes- I’ve done the math…