GREAT AGAIN: Medicaid Enrollment DROPS as Trump’s Economy Takes Off

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Medicaid enrollment in the United States dropped for the first time in over ten years in recent weeks; signaling a booming economy under President Trump and the GOP-controlled Congress.

According to Fox Business, more and more Americans are returning to the work force; meaning fewer citizens meet the eligibility requirements to obtain the government-funded healthcare plan.

“The Kaiser Family Foundation reported on Thursday that growth in Medicaid enrollment for fiscal year 2018 declined 0.6 percent, the first time it has fallen since 2007. The program is designed to provide coverage to Americans with limited financial resources,” writes Fox.

The strong data comes as the US unemployment rate fell to the lowest levels in 50 years; hovering at 3.7%.

As of summer 2018, approximately 73 million Americans were enrolled in Medicaid -totaling $557 billion in costs.

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