GREAT AGAIN: Manufacturing Jobs HIT HIGHEST LEVELS Since Recession | Sean Hannity

The US economy continues to roar under President Trump and the Republican-controlled Congress, with new data showing manufacturing employment reaching its highest levels since the “great recession.”

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More jobs than workers. We can thank 46 years of Planned Parenthood for that. Killing over 60,000,000 potential workers, taxpayers. And citizens.


The summary of the BLS report is completely wrong. The 380,000 is the new monthly hires, which is the highest month since the recession. We’re still over a million jobs away from manufacturing employment levels since the start of the recession.

Fun fact: From the start of Bush’s presidency until the height of the economy (Fall of 2007), over 1 million more manufacturing jobs were lost (17.1m - 13.75m = 3.35m vs 13.75m - 11.45m) than from the start of the recession until the lowest point of manufacturing jobs post-recession in February/March 2010.