GREAT AGAIN: JP Morgan CEO Credits TRUMP TAX CUTS with Soaring US Economy

Originally published at: GREAT AGAIN: JP Morgan CEO Credits TRUMP TAX CUTS with Soaring US Economy | Sean Hannity

JP Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon publicly praised President Trump’s overhaul of the nation’s tax-code Monday, saying the GOP-sponsored cuts were behind the booming United States recovery in the second quarter of 2018.

“J.P. Morgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon said President Donald Trump’s tax cuts, along with some of his other efforts, have helped out the U.S. economy,” writes CNBC. "If you do another $200 billion of tariffs and this national security thing about cars, I think that you’re getting pretty close to reversing some of the benefits you’ve seen in the economy.”

The CEO’s comments come just days after a new financial report showed the US Gross Domestic Product growing by a staggering 4.1%; further signaling a robust recovery after years of stagnation.

The new data throws even more cold-water on the Democrats’ over-hyped “blue wave” this fall, with Nancy Pelosi vowing to “repeal” the “GOP tax scam” should liberal legislators retake control of Congress.

Read the full story at CNBC.

That’s great news! Hopefully they won’t need a $25 billion bailout this time around (to be fair, at least they paid it back and with interest).

Yay for deficit fueled economic growth! We’re on track for less revenue than FY2017 and wages are stagnant. Well, at least the wealthy are getting wealthier. Something tells me it’s not economic success that’s being trickled down on the non-wealthy.

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“Soaring” lol. Average of 170,000 jobs a month since he was elected and 1% behind Obama’s highest gdp quarter in 2014